How to apply IPO for the new issue from Meroshare?

How to apply IPO for the new issue from Meroshare?

Applying IPO previously is very cumbersome since there was no method to appy IPO online, All investor had to goto stay at line in bank full day just to apply for the IPO. But now the applying the IPO is very easy task, whereas you face some issue in opening site due to server overload. 

Below is the step by step guide to apply for the IPO of the share, on how to apply IPO for the new issue from Meroshare for the company registered in SEBON, NEPSE?.

Alternative 1 : Application through meroshare website.
Alternative 2 : Application through the mobile app of CDSC.

Step 1: Open Meroshare

Follow the link to open meroshare website:

Follow the link to open download meroshare application:

You will be redirected to following page, login using your username/password. 


Step 2: Open My Asba from the left side bar

Click on my asba at the left side bar.

Step 3: Goto Apply for Issue

Goto apply for the issue you will be shown following page. Click on the apply button for the share you want to apply.

Step 4: Fill in the form and proceed

Fill all the field as highlighted below with your information, Bank Account, Number of share and CRN Number you want to apply with. Click on proceed button. CRN number must be taken from the bank if you have not got one.

Step 5: Finalize the application with your PIN

Finalize the application with the PIN you have set during the first time login of the meroshare and click on the Apply button. PIN will be of 4 digit. You will get the message of successfull application.

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